the truth about PTSD

Note: This post took me an entire afternoon to write, despite that it usually only takes me under an hour to write a post. Talking about this is hard to put into words.

To an extent, everyone is permanently traumatized by something. Maybe you got bit by a snake when you were little and now you have a completely crippling fear of snakes. Seeing snakes makes your skin crawl and the fear floods through your blood stream. Early childhood trauma can scar someone for life and may trigger other mental disorders later in life (this is usually one of the foundations of schizophrenia and most dissociative disorders and even some mood disorders).

This is PTSD. Continue reading “the truth about PTSD”


Let’s talk about physical disability

But really though, I know this blog is about mental illness, but speaking from experience, they go hand-in-hand. I don’t know a lot of people who get sick and they’re still in a cheery mood. I mean come on, you’re sick, you feel like shit and you can’t do anything and that can be just straight up depressing. You can’t see friends because you don’t want to get them sick and if you don’t live at home, mom and dad aren’t around to take care of you. 6+ hours of Netflix later… you begin to just feel bad for yourself. Feel worthless even though it’s not your fault that you’re stuck in bed being a completely unproductive member of society. Continue reading “Let’s talk about physical disability”