right now, it’s like this

Moving can be a pretty sad process. Slowly, your entire life is packaged up into boxes and sent away, it’s just you, your clothes, a bed, the rats and a computer. And then you play the waiting game. Waiting for the actual move day. And what do you do in the meantime? Netflix. Lots of Netflix. I don’t even have any books to read because those have already been packed and shipped away too. And my art supplies. My last day of work was last week so I have absolutely nothing to do. My car is getting shipped so I don’t have that and I’m working on selling my bike. And what is even the point of reconnecting with people who you will most likely never see again? So you could say that my computer and I have had a lot of time together lately.

And my mind. We’ve had too much togetherness the past few days.

But in spite of all this, it’s giving me an opportunity to reflect on what has been, what is, and what will become out of this extremely rocky journey of the past 11 months in Colorado. I thought nothing good came out of this, but actually, I learned a lot, and I grew more in a year than I did during the 5 years of college. What did I learn? Here’s the ultimate list of….

Things I Done Learned Doing Time in Fort Collins

  1. Dwelling on the past will not help you move on
  2. Trying to reinvent yourself will only make you depressed because you will lose yourself and everything that is wonderful about you (i.e. don’t buy a skateboard, pierce your lip, and shave half your head)
  3. It is okay to spend money on things that will make you happy. Money doesn’t buy happiness but it will buy park passes and good beer.
  4. Speaking of beer, barrel-aged stouts contain upwards of 450-500 calories per 12 oz. And I was wondering how I gained 10 lbs this year…
  5. If something doesn’t make you happy, don’t do it, even if it’s necessary. Never sacrifice happiness (i.e. how I haven’t been able to keep a real job for the past 5 months).
  6. There is no better start to a day than a sunrise hike
  7. Chemical peels are a bad idea
  8. If for whatever reason you are let go from a job, seek unemployment if job prospects aren’t looking good
  9. Don’t drink and bike. Just don’t.
  10. Minimalism makes life less stressful (especially because now I have less things to move!)
  11. Friends can be found in unexpected places
  12. It’s never the “right” time
  13. If you have a gut feeling that something might be a bad idea… it probably is
  14. Making granola is easy and buying in bulk is the best concept ever invented (unless you’re buying bulk peanut butter filled pretzels. Hello muffin top)
  16. It’s okay to be homesick, it’s okay to call Mom and Dad.
  17. Sometimes being as far away as possible from some people for a while is the best thing you can do for a relationship. I love you, Mom and Dad. I forgive you, Blob.
  18. No one really cares about your selfie on top of Horsetooth. Except for the people who don’t live in mountains/live in Maryland.
  19. If you hate college kids, don’t live in college housing with strangers
  20. Anxiety is energy and that energy can give you a really good cardio session at the gym
  21. Jello shots are never a good idea
  22. Not all independent business owners are good people
  23. Tornados are real
  24. Don’t have sex with your coworkers
  25. Acupuncture works
  26. Just because your circumstances suck, doesn’t mean that life does too
  27. Wherever you go, there you are, because right now, it’s like this.
5:29AM Colorado Sunrise

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