being unhappy doesn’t make you miserable

So yesterday I wrote about all the things I want or try to do when I get catatonically depressed. One of these things was read The Oatmeal. It works. As I was stumbling through the Oatmeal last night, I found this comic. And I realized how okay it is not be okay. That it’s okay to be unhappy. Being unhappy doesn’t mean you’re depressed. It just means that you’re not HAPPY with fireworks coming out of your asshole and giant sparkles and stars for eyes, but you’re not a complete miserable blob either. You’re just middle ground. Just unhappy.

Read this and you’ll see what I mean.

It’s okay to not be happy.

Have a nice day everyone (and yes it’s already almost 1pm and so yes that’s the beginning of my day because I take no shame in waking up late everyday and not being a productive member of society, but I should probably keep job hunting.


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