that time I used a writing prompt: What’s behind that door?

Do you ever have those dreams where you’ve scrambled through a forest, or a pack of demons and you see a door? The door is glowing. You are meant to go through that door. That’s your door to something better. You reach for it, your hands firmly around the handle… and then you wake up. Happens every time doesn’t it? Kind of like those dreams where you’re falling and you wake up right before you hit the ground. Except I’d like to think the end of THAT dream would not be as happy as looking behind the door. Maybe. Continue reading “that time I used a writing prompt: What’s behind that door?”


Adulting is for kids

So I’ve had this blog for how long now? I think it started off so well because I can be hilarious. Obviously. And then recently I read through a bunch of my posts from the past couple months and I realized, goddamn this is depressing to read. Like who REALLY wants to read this? There’s a time and place for a depressing blog post (like when you realize you were dating a sociopath, see that post here. *I’ll never stop reposting that one because it’s one of my most important ones, despite the lack of any type of humor). Continue reading “Adulting is for kids”