that time I escaped a prairie storm and other West Coast/Mid West adventures

I finally made it to Colorado! Okay that was like 3 days ago. I got up at 3am on Saturday morning in Chicago after a 12 hour drive and booked it to Colorado which I knew would take me about 15 hours. Let me tell you: there is NOTHING in between Chicago and Fort Collins, Colorado.Except for the World’s Largest Truck Stop in Iowa:

You could say he wasn’t very happy in Iowa either

On that note, so if you’re eating peanuts, does that mean you end up making peanut butter in your mouth because all that peanut butter is is ground up peanuts? Yeah, I was pretty bored. I never want to see another field of corn again. I stopped in Atlantic, Iowa for about 3 hours by accident…

Life lesson: know how much oil your car will take before you assume that since it’s on empty it just needs about 6 quarts of oil. Thank god for AAA for towing my car back to Atlantic to drain the oil out. Thankfully I did not damage my car, but my ego might be a little.

And in the last 100 miles of driving, that was when I was really in the middle of nowhere. Highway 14 in Colorado is nothing but prairie land where you can see all of the sky in every direction. So off in the not too far distance, I saw a pretty ferocious looking storm coming my way. So I stopped, took a picture, and took off at 100mph because I wasn’t exactly willing to find out what was in the midst of that storm.IMG_1898That’s the kind of storm you run away from. You could see the lightning bolts coming down from that far away! Sidenote: good job iPhone. This is a dope picture.

But now I’m here and it’s both liberating and boring. I have a lot of things I have to do to get settled but there’s no real hurry (except for finding a job which I’m gonna suit up and go hunting today) to do anything since I have a completely open schedule for the first time in my life. I’ve also been sober for about 5 days now, which is probably the longest I’ve gone in over a year. So maybe some good things are coming. Also, don’t ever ever assume that you’re okay to run your normal pace or distance when you’re at 4500 ft altitude in low humidity. Maybe my lungs will become totally awesome living out here.

There’s so much to explore: the mountains, the town, the breweries and restaurants, did I say mountains already? and of course, everything outdoors. I can’t wait to get back into rock climbing. I still don’t understand this concept of free time. Time to explore and get back on my feet despite my demons following me in the darkest corners.


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