that time I French kissed a goat

But actually I kind of did. Goat selfies all day. This is Malcolm.


Some days you just have to push yourself out of bed to do the simplest things. Even if it’s just reaching for your laptop so that you can read over notes from class for a test, or get up and make yourself coffee.

Today was a lot different. I got out of bed for social interaction right off the bat. And it was totally worth it.

Big group outings are not my thing, obviously. As the socially anxious person that I am, group outings are terrifying even if I know everyone there. Today was just a day out with my coworkers who I am totally comfortable with at work and usually I enjoy their company outside of working. You guys are great, really. Despite my hatred of hardcore vegans, some of us are actually pretty chill about it. And get way too excited when we find vegan donuts (that was them, not me. I’m the freak that doesn’t like donuts), play with farm animals for a few hours, and binge on veggie sushi (who said that you can’t od on vegetables? I mean maybe you can). Us vegans can be very chill creatures. We just like animals.

So anyway, I woke up this morning and told myself “Yeah, you can go out!” And I did. Wow. We all made a trek down to a farm animal sanctuary to visit some rescued farm animals and I have to say that it was totally worth all the anxiety I had about getting out of the house. And yes it’s true: a goat totally licked me on the mouth as I was kissing it. I’ve always loved goats. As a kid, my mom worked on a farm that had about 20 goats, a cow and several ducks and geese. My favorite thing to do was hang out with the goats, which today then brought out the goat lover that I am. And animal lover. And I never wanted to ever say this, I understand this whole “being vegan” thing now. Not that that actually has anything to do with how I eat, but embracing that vegan lifestyle is really about loving all animals in every way you can. That includes hangin’ with some farm animals. I can’t argue with that.


Yep, that is me cuddling with a goat. He was happy. I was happy. Anxiety gone. I could do this everyday. Thanks to Sara E. for the photo.

What else happened today? I signed a lease for an apartment in Colorado. As of August, I am actually going to be living in Colorado! There’s plenty of farms with goats there too, right? Being outside makes me feel more alive than I ever have (despite the wicked sunburn I got. I’m actually a lobster) and oh boy will I get outside into the beautiful Colorado mountains whenever I’m able to once I’m there. Adventure is out there! I just had to make that big step.

I guess I could say that today was a good day. That’s really all I need in my life right now: good days, one at a time.

This post is brought to you by me finding several missing pieces of myself in a single day. Without alcohol.


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