that time I decided to do something about myself

Isn’t #motivationmonday a thing? Probably, but it’s not Monday. But you know, I realized lately how much I’ve been living my life just trying to get through the day and wanting nothing more than to get plastered every single night so I can forget about what happened that day and what’s going to happen the next day. I call that “living in the moment.” And then you wake up the next day 3 hours after you planned to, you feel shitty, and get nothing accomplished. This has been my life for the past year.

I gave up on being vegan because I went on a rampage of hating vegans, but you know what I realized? I just hate people. So all the love to you vegans, and still fuck you for being a person anyway. I’m going back to eating vegan. I know I said I felt better not being vegan, but right now my body absolutely hates me after having consumed eggs on a daily basis, cheese and skim milk chai lattes from Starbucks. Did I mention I gained 5 pounds since that? Yeah, ok. Back to this vegan thing. I can tell that I’m not healthier on this diet.

I gave up on school because I have the worst senioritis. I’ve been in school for 2 years non-stop; winters and summers included. Not gonna lie, I think drinking has gotten in the way of this. I’m so unmotivated.

I’m going nowhere with this post. I’m posting it anyway.


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