that time I found home, and other cool places

So hello from Colorado? From the other side? I haven’t called a thousand times because I don’t miss anything from the East Coast. Ok not EVERYTHING because obviously I miss some people (key word, “some”). But damn, let’s start off with the fact there is a hipster coffee shop every other block, breweries everywhere, and just look in any direction and you’ll see the mountains. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I came home.

Also, did you know that hula hoops are not just for the rave kids that I hate so much? (Not “hate,” but they’re pretty annoying and sorry but molly isn’t my thing, party on though guys) Well, when you have your friend’s girlfriend give you a light show with her LED hoops and you realize that you literally cannot do anything she’s doing, you start to reconsider this “hooping” phenomenon. So now I have my own hula hoop and I feel like I’m 5 years old again. AND IT GLOWS. JUST SAYING. So I’ll be honest, I think I can give up binge drinking and Netflix as long as I have some chill pills, a hoop, and beautiful mountains that I can go to whenever I want. This is it, guys. The Rockies are calling my name. I was gonna do an internship in Florida, but now, I honestly think I’ll be happier just living for a bit.

Let’s break down my trip into a few paragraphs. I know that not EVERYTHING about Colorado is amazing all the time, but the things I’ve discovered have been so eye opening to me. Baltimore is such a little closed off city in comparison. Unless you’re just about going to clubs and bars, there’s not much to do except work and go to school.

Boulder. Let’s start with that. A place that I know I could never afford but it’s literally surrounded by mountains. They’re within walking distance. We hiked up part of Chautauqua and you don’t even have to walk up that far to get a beautiful view of the city and the mountains.

And ok I know I said I’ll take the chill pills and hoops over drinking and Netflix, but this really is the best place to find good beer. I don’t like foam on anything. Lattes, beer, etc. Never appealed. But then I tried Left Hand Brewery’s Nitro Milk Stout on tap and I entered an entirely new world of “foam.” Literally like ice cream.

But also check out the foam on that latte. I take back everything I’ve ever said about foam being gross.

Ok, I know that not everyone really wants to hear about my trip just because, you know, I never find any interest in anyone else’s vacations but maybe that’s just me. Like, when Blob went to Belize, I don’t think I even really asked him about it (Did I?). Maybe because I was just pretty jealous that I was stuck in Maryland in the cold and he was hanging out on a beach. Then again, he did get food poisoning. I guess my jealousy radiates (sorry Blob). But I think I’m happier to be around the snow and mountains than some tourist trap beach with sand fleas. In the end, it works out.

I’m just not happy in Maryland. I’m just not happy with my life right now (complaint moment). School is terrible and stressful when combined with working, and for some reason, I just can’t find myself doing things that I would like to be doing with my life. I’m not living right now. I’m just cruising on a huge ship to nowhere and praying to every god from every religion that I graduate from college in May so I can get on with my life and start actually living and experiencing everything our world has to offer. And not just the course catalog.

So I guess it’s official. The next time I come out here, it’s for good. I’ve never come to a town where suddenly felt like “hey, I could stay here for the rest of my life.” I know I don’t want to stay in Maryland forever. 22 years has been more than enough. I’ve seen the East Coast, it’s cool, but I’m ready to move on, to reinvent myself, and to be in a happier place. Yes yes I know I’m talking about a geographic cure and that my problems will follow me wherever I go, but honestly? Location makes a huge difference. Being around beautiful things makes life feel more beautiful and worth it. Out here, I haven’t laughed as hard as I ever have, or even just let myself go with dancing. It’s a vacation and I know it won’t last forever, but I’ve never felt so ready to be alive.

(Also, cause why not, here’s our dorky craft beer brewery selfie)





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