that time I realized I was untouchable

That was really the best title I could come up with for this post because I feel this emotion, what is it, anger? Not necessarily anger as much as irritation.

Everyone is untouchable, to an extent. They can actually do what they want because people do what works. Some people do drugs in order to get away from what they feel. Some people harm themselves to get in touch with what they feel. Some people eat a certain diet because of either health reasons or something they believe in. Some people pray. Some people meditate. Some people kill themselves at the gym. Why do we do these things? Because humans are an extremely selfish species and while they think they’re doing something for the greater good, they’re doing it to feel better about themselves even if it is something that will benefit society.

That being said, I will never push a vegan diet on anyone because it’s not something that works for everyone. After some backlash from my last post, I feel a need to clarify. Yes, I do think that if the entire human race could be vegan, our environment would be in a much better condition and many animal lives would be saved. However, I know that this isn’t ideal for everyone because of health reasons, economical reasons, what have you. If it is something that you CAN do, then by all means, go vegan!

But if you’re hurting your body or your wallet by doing that, then no, it’s not ideal. All I ask of society is to be conscious of what they eat. You can be a meat eater and still be conscious of what you’re eating. There is cruelty free meat out there. I can say that for a fact because (little known fact to those around me) I spent my summers on a farm as a kid. My mother worked for a local farm that had a couple cows, and lots of goats, geese, and ducks. We drank the cows’ milk, ate the eggs, made cheese from the cow and goat milk and being the animal loving 6 year old that I was, I know that absolutely no harm was done to these animals*. Yes, this was a very small farm so the environmental impact was very small and at the time I didn’t know anything about global warming or anything like that. But we can’t deny the fact that animals, like cows, will still exist whether we breed them or not. Cows need to be milked when they’re lactating. The cow on the farm I was on had a calf and obviously one calf can’t drink that much milk, so we consumed it instead. Why would we waste it?

No, not all meat is cruelty free. Obviously, companies such as Purdue and Tyson are infamous for actually having the machines that grind up baby chickens. These things do exist, but not all cows are electrocuted, not all chickens are ground up in bulk in monstrous machines, and not all animals are fed gluttonous amounts of hormones so that they’ll have more meat on them for us to consume. It’s sad that these things do exist, I can’t deny that because they do. But “happy animals” exist whether they are used for their meat or what they produce. As someone who eats a vegan diet, I don’t consume these products purely for environmental reasons. But I’m not ignorant to the fact that many animals that the majority of society consumes is unethically raised.

Bring on the hate mail, I do my part for the environment by doing what I’m able to do, which is eating a vegan diet. I am untouchable because I’m doing what I’m capable of.

End rant.

*I need to find that picture of me with my “pet” goat that I named Q-tip because he was white and fluffy like a Q-tip. I should have named him cotton ball if we’re gonna go with cosmetic products, but I was 6. Give me a break. There are pictures of Q-tip and me somewhere in the depths of my mom’s photo albums. He was adorable.


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